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Eyelids Surgery in Thailand

Dr Witoon is a national board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed eyelids surgery in Thailand for over 30 years. His clinics are located in central Bangkok and Chiangmai.

A single incision is made along the upper or lower eyelids in the fashion that enhance the appearance of the eyes.

The patient can wash his/her face a few hours after the surgery. Usually after a few weeks, the scars are harldy seen, and the "new" eyelids look as natural as if the patient was born with them.

Due to regulations of the Medical Council of Thailand, we cannot display before and after photos on our website. If you're interested in the procedure, please contact us.

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  Face lift, neck lift and lower eyelids surgery
Sharon, USA

"... Thank you again for a marvelous lunch and a great job on my beautiful sister and I..."


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